PUBG Mobile Club 2021 showcases the best players and scoud from 24 countries in the world. Pubg 2021 is considered the gateway to participate in the world's largest mobile scoud event PUBG Mobile Global Championship if you think you are one of the best players and you If you want to show your game to the world, you are welcome, so you can start your esports. A great journey awaits you, join us and become number # 1



1 16 3 TPP



STAGE1: Registration 1january To 24 january

STAGE2: Qualification 1february To 7 february

STAGE3: Regional Group Stage 16 february to 21 february

STAGE4: Regional Finals 14 february to 28 february

Registration Process

We only give you information if you want to register, then you go to official site

  1. 1.Rosters are finalized upon registration submission .
  2. 2.Participants must have reached 16 years of age or older (i.e., the player has lived for at least 16 calendar years) as of the Tournament start date, and must comply with any applicable age ratings from ratings authorities and mobile platform ratings systems.
  3. 3.A player under the legal age of maturity in his or her country of residence, but older than 16 years of age (i.e. having lived for at least 16 calendar years after date of birth as of the Tournament start date) may participate with consent from parents or legal guardians.
  4. 4.At least 3 players' nationalities must be from the same region you register in.
  5. 5.All players must be ranked Platinum or above at the time of registration.
  6. 6.Team Rosters must be a minimum of 4 players and no more than 5 players with one player being a substitute player.
  7. 7.Players are only allowed to use mobile devices during the tournament (including the in-game qualification round), and players that use tablets or a PC emulator will be disqualified from the PMCO.

Online Qualification Slots for the Group stage

PMCOs are for semi-pro and pro teams, and we consider it important that top teams have continuous opportunities for exposure in front of large audiences. In order to strengthen the PUBG MOBILE esports field, the teams who made it to their regional finals will be invited directly to the next split group stage, without having to pass online qualification again. In addition, large and renown pro organizations with standing long-term investment plans can be invited to the group stage directly as well.

As the PMCO 2021 Spring split contains more regions in comparison to the previous PMCO, additional group stage slots will be assigned to the online qualification. This is a huge chance for new semi-pro teams to shine!

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Pubg PGI-2021

Pubg Global Invitation 2021

32 Teams from 8 diffrent regions will be participating in the PGI.S Esports event. Who will be the next Global Champions within the battlegrounds of PUBG

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