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welcome guys in this video we will be looking at the top 10 most powerful weapons in pubg mobile what i mean by powerful is the fastestkilling weapon or basically how fast it can kill an enemy by the way this list is totally based onmy experience and opinion so i might have misplaced your favorite weapon in this list starting with the top


tenth place we have the crossbow it is as powerful as an awm sniper rifle but also a useless weapon if you don'tknow how to properly use this weapon so the crossbow damage is almost the same as an AWM sniper when the bullet hits in the head but when the bullet hits in the chest it will take around two to three shots to kill an enemythe damage of the crossbow is shown inthe screen below


the best thing about the crossbow is that in the early games when you don't have any gun other than a crossbow and your enemy doesn't have any vest you can literally one shot them for an instant kill

but the major disadvantage of this weapon is the reloading time it takes three and a half second to reload and another one is the bullet travelling it is so slow sometimes even you can see the bullet travelling and other than this it's really powerful weapon in close range for instant one-shot kills in early gamesand

9. AWM


we have awm sniper rifle everyone knows how powerful is awm it's the one and only sniper that can oneshot level three helmet other than acrossbow this makes awm deadliest weapon in mid and long range fights here are the damage stats for awm sniper


sniping is an incredible skill that you can learn and carry that skill throughout other games you will never regret it being a good sniper takes a lot of practice

8. M416


we have m416 assault rifle it is very popular gun and well known for its performance this weapon has one extra attachmentwhen compared to other full-auto assault rifles

it improves your recoil control that's the reason most players picked this weapon over any other 5.56 assault rifle here are the stats for m416


other 5.56 assault rifles like scar log etc will have identical damage m416 is a reliable weapon for any range for close range it performs really good and for mid-range

it's the best you can use and for the long range it performs really well but you need to learn how to control recoil of this weapon

if you know how to get the most out of this weapon then you can use this weapon at any situations you're in m4 can easily handle it if you want a guide on m416



shotguns all the shotguns in this game has the ability to one shot kill an opponent which takes almost zero seconds to eliminate your opponent if you manage to hit your shot perfectly here are the damage and stats for all the shotguns


shotgun's damage anyway shotguns has the highest damage per second and they are the deadliest weapons in close quarter fights always try to avoid fighting against shotguns in extreme close range

if you want to use shotgun take your time and land your first shot with extreme high precision this will instantly kill your opponents it's important to land your first shot otherwise you will miss more shots ands lowly you will put yourself in a badposition


thompson popularly known as tommy gun it's a sub-machine gun which is often used by many as the best gun to start the game with it has base damage of 42 which is the highest damage in any sub-machine gun here are the stats for the tommy gun


the tommy gun does almost same damage as m4 in some cases it might do more damage and it has 30 bullets can be extended to 50 which is perfect for close quarter fights but as every other submachine guns they are only limited to close range

which makes them really really bad at higher ranges but something is special about the tommy gun maybe in future updates it might get a scope attachment and a full redesign

5.Barrel M762

m762barrel in stock format without any attachments will have more recoil than the akm and it has base damage of 46 which is slightly less than akm but it catches up in rate of fire by shooting an extra bullet for example akm can shoot around 10bullets in a single second where barrel m762 can shoot up to 11bullets


look at the damage and stats for barrel not just a rate of fire of barrel is faster when you use barrel with the right attachments then the stability of the barrel m762 is much better than an akm with all the proper modification sif you take a closer look at this graph


you will notice that the barrel m762 recoil is easier to control than the akm the only difference in the recoil is that the horizontal recoil which barrel reduces by most barrel may look like it has high recoil than the akm

but in reality barrel has less horizontal which makes the barrel a stable weapon you can always predict the vertical recoil but never the horizontal recoil is unpredictable


4.Micro UZI


the micro uzi it's a very popular smg in this game it can shoot up to 22bullets in just a second which is extremely powerful in close quarterfights

it is one of the god-tier weapon for having that crazy amount of rate of fire this is one of the deadliest weapon inclose range but in order to take the full advantage of its rate of fire

you need to have higher frame rates options in your device otherwise you might not take the full advantage of that extreme high rate of fireanyway here are the damage and stats


mikro uzi it has the lowest damage in any smg's but it doesn't really matter since it shoots a lot faster than any other gun in this game



the groza which is air-drop exclusive only and as i said before groza is a combination of akm and barrel it has the same damage as an akm but also it is capable of shooting a lot faster than a barrel

which is significantly a lot better version of akm and barrel i would say groza is a powerful and kinda overpowered assault rifle in this game here are the damage and stats for thisweapon


how over powered it is if you ever happen to see the groza in a supply drop then it's a must-take weapon handling of this weapon is very easy it has the lowest amount of recoil in any7.76 assault rifles



m249 an airdrop exclusive machine gun m249 has the magsize of 100 it can do damage of around 4200 in a single round which is enough to destroy the vehicles

while its recoil is not that bad to controlbut it's easy despite how much damage it can do it also has high rate of fire it can shoot around 13 bullets in just asecond which is better than most of theassault rifleshere are the damage and stats




the number one spot we have the one and only mark 14 also known as mk14 it can only be obtained from care pack age sit's a dmr which stands for design at edmarksman rifle it's a combination of assault rifles and sniper rifle

but something is special about this weapon unlike other dmr's mk 14 has a full automode as well as single tap mode but when you use this weapon in fullauto mode you can achieve damage of 670per second

which is the highest damage in any fully automatic rifle making it not justextremely powerful for close quarter fights it's the god tier weapon for aggressive plays it has the base damage of 61 which isthe highest in any full automatic gun and here are the damage and stats for this


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