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Tencent is such a big company that the pubg game is 1 percent of its share.Its own apps like Facebook WhatsApp and Google in China. it's also a Chinese company, when a business starts, most American businesses copy it immediately and make it in their country. As you know, there are apps like YouTube, WhatsApp in China, so that this company does not face any competition and easily both these and their work are famous, or they do not have any unique business.

Founder of Tencent Ma Huateng, Zhang Zhidong, Xu chenye, Chen Yidan

In which Ma Huateng is the head and Tencent's CEO. Those who are now the owners of Alibaba, Jack's maa and the second richest person in Asia, have also left behind in earning and the most valuable of Tencent Asia. The company is Become the 9th most valuable company in the world. The real owner is Tencent's Nesper with 31% of its shares in the company, Nesper being an investment company. Olx also invests in other companies.

Let's see how Tencent Company works As we told you, their main job is growing which business of the world is copying it, they have to keep experts in every field in the company Like when he copied Facebook, Cauchy then made a move by copying WhatsApp, then he made Justdial.com by looking at Amazon and seeing Google made Sago. This is what Tencent means to give people fast information.

Tencent is the world's 2nd largest investment company after Seiko, itself small and new startups. I invest in the Google map of China, he also has 507 partnerships. He has also invested in more than 70% of India's startups like Policybazaar, Ola, Swiggy, Flipkart, Gaana.com, Udaan, Bijuis etc. All the startups that come to your mind, they have invested in all of India. And in this way, he has invested in all the startups of the world such as pubes in gaming, Clash of Clans is the most invested in them. Let us now tell you about their business model.

In the same year, he is named in the top 3 companies of the world, now his business valuation is near 500 Billion Dollars, he left Facebook behind in Business Evolution and in 2020 he is the biggest company in Asia and now his main inward. He is from Investing and Services In services such as their tenant video apps, which you can also call Netflix in China, similarly they also have music and payment apps. Tencent targets small countries, making it easy for them to have no competitor. And all the apps are made in China, due to which they are earning thisname.

Another of his income is solar, which makes it through AIDS. So in this way it has become such a big company of the world.

Tencent Games

Top 15 Tencent Games

1.PUBG Mobile
pubg mobile lite
2. PUBG Mobile Lite
ludo superstar
3.Ludo World Ludo Superstar
4.Crossfire Legends
5v5 battle
5.5v5 battle
Chess Rush
6.Chess Rush
Perfect World Mobile
7.Perfect World Mobile
Hundred Soul
8.Hundred Soul
One Piece Burning Will
9.One Piece Burning Will
Dragon ball strongest warrior
10.Dragon ball strongest warrior
samurai shodown
11.samurai shodown: legends of the month of the moon
Ace force
12.Ace force
 lego cube
13. lego cube
 Dragon raja
14. Dragon raja
Naruto mobil
15.Naruto mobile


If you also play PUBG and are waiting for PUBG's return to India, then there is bad news for you.

Because all the apps that the government of India had banned to steal user data, now all those apps have been banned forever, yes, you have heard the right thing, now the pubg game will never return to India.

The Indian Goverment has made more than 250 apps, including 59 apps that have been made forever, including the Pubg game, which was decided by the Government of India on 59th June Which includes famous apps like Tiktok, Hello, UC Browser, ShareIt along with PUBG Games.

More than 250 apps were stopped by the Indian Goverment a few months ago as per IT69A Act but the news is that the apps that were made in the first trial have been banned permanently. If you live in India, you will never get these apps done and no opportunity will be given to these companies by the Indian goverment to return.

With this, a military game has been launched in India in place of Pubg, which you can download for free and play, it has also come as an adventure and action game.

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