PUBG History

PlayerUnknown's Battleground (PUBG) This game starts with 100 players who have to serve in a Russian Ireland. Players jump from the plan with the help of a parachute. For their survival, there are 100 players in this game, one of which is the winner who gets a chicken dinner which is the reward of this game. This is a game that everyone wants as much as possible and in this game the players have to go and rob them from where they have rifle, granade, guns, etc. Are getting

This game is inspired by Hollywood movies like Battle Royal.

PUBG History

founder of pubg

Brendan Greene, also known as player Unknown Greene, is the designer of this game, he was not the first Brendan game designer but was a photographer and webdevloper who used to work as a graphic designer, Later Brendon moved to Brazil to marry his girlfriend Curley and for a few years. They settled there. After 2 years, he got divorced, which would make Brendan quite depressed. Brendan again moved to his home country in Ireland due to depression. During his free time, Brendan started playing video games, including Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed in Ireland, Brendan discovered 2 games,

(1) Arma (2) Day Z.

About Arma And DayZ Game

Arma is a military trial shooter game and can be played in many modes, Day Z is the only mode of arma game in which you have to fight zombies. Then later Brandon created a mode of Day Z which was called Day Z Battle Royal. This new game became quite popular, after which the Sony Online Entertainment, now named Debric Company, gave the job to Brendan to make a game which was a Suvivel was the game and Day Z was rightly inspired.

The new game that Brendan had created with the Sony company, A 1Z 1 King of the Kill, then Brendon left the company named Debric. Februari came to South Korea in 2014 to meet Brendan, a Korean game designer, Cheng Han Kim,

founder of pubg

who worked at the company called Blue Hall and wanted to make the Battle Royal game, and he was very impressed with the Day Z game. Wanted to make a game that nobody had made till date, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthat company was liked by Brandon and they all started making games.

Brendan's team worked hard day and night and wanted the game to be made within a year and at the same time cheaply the game started in early 2016 and his team's deadline was just one year.

At first, Brendan's team created a small game in which there was a map one mode and only a few Weapons, gradually the game development grew. And lastly released the game Battegrounds in March 2014 as the early access to the game of Battlegrounds, Gammers liked it because no one had played it yet and it was a whole new concept. Gammers went on playing and became the best seller game,

first earning of pubg

soon 10 million rounds of this game were played and Blue Hall Company earned 4500 crores in just 7 months. By April, the game had sold 1000000 copies and the next month it had sold 2000000 copies and the next month it sold 6000000 The PUBG game played big games like. Defeated games like Dutta Tu, League of Legend, Counter-Strike and today this game has more than 3000000 active players.From the beginning itself, this game was intended to be successful and even today it has not changed, new maps will be added to the upcoming variants, but according to Brendan, this map which made the pubg famous will always be iconic.

pubg release date 15 march in android and 14 march for ios devices then 19 march in international market On September 26, PUBg Corporation started, a subsidiary of Blue Hall, and its office opened in the US and will be opened in more countries in the future. And a new map has been added to the PC, which is a Desert Map, this game will be played in the coming times in playstation. The game's beta program was released on Android on March 15 and iOS on March 14 and lastly March 19 officially. Released in the international market.

tencent gaming

Today the popularity has grown so much that pubg are copying other games like Fortnite Perle Royal and Paladins battleground, and also in China. Brendan, who designed the game, did not think that big companies like Facebook, Tencent and Epic would invest their money in this game and today it is very difficult to stop this game. This game is so popular that millions of rupees tournaments also blossom, where players from one world come and shake each other.

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