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One of the reasons behind this in India is Pubg Bann, India and China also have a deteriorating relationship, so India had banned Chinese apps to pressure China, in which the Indian government gave notice to Chinese apps about data theft. in first tirm India had banned China's apps which included many favorite apps like Tiktok and as the Indian goverment accused them of stealing data, these apps also responded to the notice sent to them, but the Indian goverment Was not satisfied with his answer which did not make the point.

Then after that the Government of India revealed the second list of Chinese apps which also included the name of Pubg Mobile and then on September 20, the PUBG game was also made in India.

Indian government has given its statement that it is a game of PUBG Tencent Company which is a Chinese company and our data is not safe with the Chinese company, so it was decided to launch PUBG India, in which the setup and data of the entire game is in India only. There would have been a limited number of television aids which were to come in the name of PUBG India Coming Soon, but as you all know, for some time, the relationship between India and China is deteriorating day by day, which will also have a direct effect on the PUBG game.

Due to many other reasons, the possibility of the Pubg game coming back to India is very less. And Indian Goverment is promoting an Indian game FAU-G which is an Indian game, it is launched in India, which is an action game like Pubg and its free.

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Pubg New Stunt Emote

Performing the 6 new stunt emotes on the dirt bike is easy! grab your ride, grab some air, and snow off!

Pubg New Update 10.0

pubg patch report 10.0 - couple RB, vehicle emotes pubg update 10.0 brings new styles to your rides. between the new couple RB vehicle emotes for the dirt bike, you will have plenty of new flash to show off. checkout the path report forward more details!

The Vintage 2 seater new car

The vintage 2-seator couple RB is the fastest thing on 4 wheels and is now available across most Battlegrounds! Grab the new Zippy new sports car on your next drop!



After the Government of India stopped the Chinese apps including PUBG, there was an initiative by the military game. This game is also a full-fledged action game like PUBG and these two games are very similar.

It is also a specialty of this game made in India, that 20 percent of the earnings of this game will go to the Indian Army, that is why this game is so popular in such a working time, and Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is promoting this game himself.

This game is from Bengaluru company
nCor games , And released on 26january 2021

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