Get Free UC

Hello friends, here we will tell you how you will Get free UC by Tournamnet, let's start ,,,, With this technique you can earn up to 1000 UC per day by playing classic matches, the more UC you get, the more games you play, Here we are going to tell you about the bonus challenge, with the help of this you can Get free UC by Tournamnet
How to play Bonus Challenge And Get Free UC

You will see Bonnus Challenge logo on the top side in your mobile (inside PUBG mobile), you have to click on it. To play Bonus Challenge you must have a Bonus Challenge voucher The voucher you can receive according to the event, you are given a voucher from the game, with the help of which you can apply for a Bonus Challenge game, you should have at least 1 voucher only then you can play the game. You have to register the match after using the card which is in the Erangle map. Here you can play both in tournamet solo and squad.

Here in the game you get different points of Kill and Survive, after that you have to get as many points as possible. If you want to go to the reward, then you will know how much coins or points you need for a reward, according to which you can buy UC by collecting points. If you have chicken dinner with 5 or 4 kills then you will get maximum 3000 coins so you can get UC Guns and Skins Can also buy

There are different types of games in the bonus challenge, the bigger the tournament you play, the bigger the reward you will get. Only 60 players play this tournament.After applying, you cancel it before it starts, then you are given back your bonus challenge voucher.

So friends, by playing this game for free, you can get UC, Skins, Guns and whatever you want for free through rewards.And by playing tournaments, when you compete with good players, which will improve your game, it will make you a good player Also

By Classic And Supply Crate

Collect as much silver coins as you can by selling outfits that you can earn By Classic And Supply Crate. Then with the help of Silver coins you can buy the Creates Coupenus which you get in inventory.With the help of coupens, you can make boxes that are made by storing 10 coupons.

There are a lot of rewards in the box, which you can see on the side, By Classic And Supply Crate that you can get UC, Guns, Vehicle Skins and more. By opening as many boxes as you can, you can get maximum rewards. You also get Achievement Points by opening the box, which improves your rank and gaming profile so that you can get more titles.

Purchase via redeem code

See How to purchase Royale Pass with Redeem Code. You can buy a redeem code through your Paytm, Google or Phone and any other UPI portal or application. After that open the Pubg game, click on UC, you will get the redeem code in the form, you have to put the code that came by the message by making the code redeem you, you can do this code once.

When you complete this process, after that you will have to send the message of purchase successfully in your account and also your UC In this way, you can continue with UC Form, Then you can make royale pass too then the process How to purchase Royale Pass and Purchase via redeem code is cpmpleted

How to get free PUBG skins

Get latest PUBG guns,vehicles and clothes skins by just Play And Win free tournaments

the Play and Win tournaments, you can win free Pubg Skins by getting rewards through pubg tournaments, also by playing a bonus challenge.

You have to go to the Bonus Challenge section and you have to apply for the game which you need bonus coupons to play, which are given to you by PUBG Games for free every season. Purchase can also be done. minimum one must be a coupon to play in the tournament. By coupon, you will enter the tournament which is only of 60 players, you have to servive as much as possible in that tournament and also to try to get into the chicken dinner or top 3, so that you get more coupons as a reward. Meet whom you can get as a good reward by getting a coupens. In Tips for Tournaments tournaments you will need a squad which increases your chances and the points are more with the squad. You have to play it wisely by playing together.

Even if you do not have a squad, it does not matter if you can play in tournament duo or solo too, but playing in the squad is the best. We recommend you to play in the squad. Can also be a good square or cline joint

Tips TO open Latest Outfit By crate

You should collect as much silver science as you can by selling outfits which can be doubled by selling them Then with the help of Silver Science you can buy the Creates Copenus which you get in inventory.

With the help of coupons, you can make boxes that are made by storing 10 coupons. There are a lot of rewards in the box, which you can see on the side, you are told that you can get UC, Guns, Vehicle Skins and more. By opening as many boxes as you can, you can get maximum rewards.

You also get Achievement Points by opening the box, which improves your rank and gaming profile so that you can get more titles.

PUBG crate Opening Tips

You have to remove all the outfits of your player avatar such as clothes, hats, shoes before opening create.

Then you have to go to the Create Outfit and the one who has the most flame redeem that no one likes, you have to meditate on it as often as you drip, your chances increase, you have to do only the most useless outfits.

Our second tip is for you to collect 10 crates and open them all at the same time, you also have to tap the worst rewards that you have, as many times as you will, your chances will also increase here. If even then you are not rewarded, after doing these all tips then friends,

you have to change your avatar and you will have to create a one-time experiment on all your avatars and experiment with it. So in this way, with the help of these all tips, whether you are global or Korean, you can easily get premium outfits and guns through Crates. so pls follow this PUBG crate Opening Tips


How To Reach Conqerur Tier

1. In the first two weeks you have to get the ACE tier, which will help you a lot.

2. You have to make a glide landing, you always have to land at least 1500 meters in the game and survive till the last.

3. Heal Battles means you have to stay out of the zone and get into the habit of fighting outside of zone

4. When you push rank, you will never face being hacked by hackers.

5. You can never be hacked or third party apps, your id can be ban from him anytime.

6. You never have to hurry in the game because of the temptation to make more plus, this will have a bad effect on your game and your chances of getting a rank minus can increase significantly.

7. You have to learn to camp well, without it you cannot reach the CONQERUR Tier.

8. In the last zones, you do not have to rush to go to the zone, you have to take position always, and always be ready for the heal battle.

9. You have to play the whole game with patience and try to get into the top 3.

10. If you want to score in the squad, then it is very important to play all your players together, even the mistake of one player can work the ranks Down of all the players. if you guys follow these all tips then easily you got conqerur tier in pubg



1. Gaming can improve

2. Recoil is easy to control

3. Power gets fast

4. Recommendation of most of the pro players

5. Your spray becomes Consistent and Perfect in the Long Range

6. gameplay is fast these all are pubg gyrogaming benefits


Yes, you heard right now everyone can play tournament and earn money through pubg game People playing many such tournaments are famous and today are earning monthly millions by streaming. You too can earn like them or more

So let us give you some tips with the help of which you can play tournaments and earn money

1. Join Discodes

2. Join and Play through Social Media Pubg Room

3. FaceBook Groups Arranged Highest Pubes Rooms

Similarly, you can improve the game and profile by playing in different rooms and tournaments, than you can earn money by streaming or tournaments.



If you follow our tips, then you will play a lag free game in the minimum 2 GB Ram Devices. Here we have to make some settings in the phone as well and let's start the game too.

1. Game Settings

You have to go to the graphics part in the setting of Pubg Mobile to set the frame to the graphics, then frame rate to Extreme or Ultra. This option will be according to the device and both options are best. Now you have to low the brightness of the pubg game as per your requirement as you have returned the graphics.

One of the advantages of having brightness flame is that you will also be able to easily show the players far away. Now you also have to disable the option of Auto Adjust Graphics. You have to do all these settings in Pubj so that your game will run according to your mobile

2. Phone Settings

In the phone settings, you have to go to the devlopers option and you have to access the game driver by clicking on it, g.p.u. Causes you With this, when you access PUBg mobile, you will access GPU of your CPU so that your game will be fast. And will run perfectly without any hindrance

follow these all steps with the help of them you can easily fix pubg lag issue


Why Pubg Account got bann

1.using pubg hack

2.playing with hackers

3. If you access a pubg game with the help of a third party app or do some modifications in it than that

4.All of that offers or online offers or using glitch shopping can become your id bann

Lets Unblock Pubg Id

go to phone settings -> apps -> pubg -> clear cache this settings deletes your old Temp. files

now click here then copy this file also

then goto phone storage -> pubg -> tencent open this folder and pest here that file you copied

thats it now open your game and joy :) now you able to unblock pubg account

Pubg Tournaments For Everyone

There are many tournaments here that anyone can play

1.Pubg Bonus Challenge via facebook rooms

3. Joint Discodes by youtubers

There are many such tournaments and rooms in which anyone can apply and play.



With the help of the tips that we want to tell you, your ping is always 40/ms Will stay under and your game will run smoothly without any issue First we will know 2 reasons why high ping occurs 1. Slow Internet 2. Location / Position We see how to fix both these problems.

1. Slow Internet

1. You have to stop all other background apps while playing Pubg

2. Delete apps or games that you do not use, you have to delete them from the phone because those apps keep running in the background so that both your net and power keeps them from getting saved.

2.Location / Position

1. In the position here, your real position is going to be there, because where your network is good, your ping will also be returning. So you see a good location where your network is good, you can benefit more than that.

2. Keep the phone empty as much as you can on both RAM and ROM, so that your phone goes fast even on ping Will have a direct impact and your game will improve

Follow that tips to avoid ping issues
Tip: wifi also increase your game speed and decrease your ping better then cellular now you can solve pubg ping issue easily

How To Apply For Pubg Tournament

Tips :

1.You need a squod to play any tournament or competitive match. Can not prove that because in such tournaments, no random players are ever allowed.

2.It is important to have clain, it is only by clain that your squad and the game are identified.

3.You must have a good device and connection, the speed of your game greatly depends on how much ping flame it should have.

How To Apply

To play in tournaments, you have to play in T3 which is directly impossible, for that you will have to play in T2 and T1

First Way

You will have to start from T3 for which you have to do Discodes Joints, you will have to give your best performance so that you will get notice that can help you in promotion and you can reach the tournament level by increasing the performance.

Second Way

YouTube because almost all the champion players on YouTube live stream and also create public rooms, you have to join them, after that you can make yourself famous in their eyes by giving them a good performence and it offers you their clains Come, playing with them will make your work even easier

So friends,now you are apply for pubg tournaments and you can improve yourself and your game in this way, once your game is famous, after that you can make money by playing tournaments or social streams and you can also make a good future with your Gaming skills Best Of Luck :)

How To Sell Your Pubg Account And Earn Money

there are two ways to sell pubg account

1. Dealer Through Selling

In this, you have to personally advertise your id by promoting and posts on social media.

The best option for social media selling is Facebook because there are a lots of Pubg buying/selling rooms on Facebook, you only have to join those rooms, it can increase your chances of working. But the trust factor on social media is very useful, before giving your Id you have to verify your Buyer so that you have any problem No, after that you have to take 50% payment first and after paying the rest of the Id so that no one can cheat you

2. Self selling

Chances of getting your id sales in this method Double from Self Method

In this method, your id sell by third party sellers like youtubers, etc. You have to find a good youtuber and send them photos of your id and inventory, so that they will tell you further and sell your Eid in this way.

In dealer through selling, the commission of the dealer is 20% to 50% which you have to pay after the work is done.

Top 5 Android Emulators For pc
Top 5 Gaming Emulators For pc

5. Nox Emulator

4. Andy Amulator

3. Bluestacks Emulator

2. KO Player Emulator

1. Memu Emulator

These all are Top 5 Android Emulators For pc emulators are very popular to download goto google just search by their name and you can download easily

How To Use Emulator In Mobile

Top10 Emulator For Pubg Mobile

Benefits of emulator

1. The emulator boosts RAM which makes the game smooth.

2. The game pushes Performance and gets his all technical requirements completed

3. With the help of emulator, you can improve gaming to a great level, all you have to do is open your game via emulator, so that it can boost your game.

Top 10 Mobile Emulators











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